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We offer a dependable domestic and international pallet delivery service at highly competitive rates. No matter the size, weight, or purpose of your pallets, we ensure quick and efficient delivery. From large and heavy items like electronics, household appliances, furniture, catering equipment, car parts, production machinery, and construction materials, Next Freight has you covered. UK and Europe pallet delivery, freight and shipping - discover our possibilities!

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Is there a pallet delivery?

Pallet delivery offered by Next Freight allows you to send large and heavy items by courier, including electronics and household appliances, large furniture, catering equipment, some car parts, production machinery and even construction materials.

When should I opt for a pallet shipment with Next Freight UK?

A pallet shipment is a shipment which, due to its large dimensions and/or heavy weight, is placed on a EURO pallet by the Sender. A pallet shipment, in which Next Freight Uk specializes in transport, may contain one or more items that, depending on the packaging requirements of pallet shipments and the guidelines of the Carriers, can be placed on one or more pallets.

Do you want to know what the delivery of pallets looks like?

Currently, they have become one of the best means of transport for many companies that plan to ship more goods to one place. This is how deliveries to companies are transported, as well as final products from factories or distribution centers to their destination. Pallet shipments performed by Next Freight are also becoming an increasingly popular method during international removals. All because they have a number of very important advantages.

Packing and transporting your belongings is certainly stressful for the owner, so it is not recommended to use the offer of companies with a dubious reputation. The service involving pallet shipments begins at the moment of packaging the goods and preparing for shipment, while the responsibility for the safety of the entire, properly prepared pallet rests with the transport company, which is Next Freight. The owner can therefore rest easy, feeling relieved of the obligation to constantly monitor the shipment.

Pallet delivery UK offered by our company guarantees the safety of the goods, mainly due to tight arrangement in the truck, which prevents shifts and increases the stability of individual loads - contact us and find out how we can help you.

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