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Our experience in domestic transport enables us to provide regular transport services across the UK. Catering to diverse sectors such as pharmacy, aviation, automotive, construction, film and media, exhibitions and events, and more, we are committed to understanding and meeting your transport needs with custom solutions. Whether you need to transport medicines, machine parts, equipment, or perishable goods, Next Freight has a solution for you.

Transports of goods and logistics processes are almost an inseparable part of the life of every manufacturing or trading company, not only in the UK. Fast and cheap delivery of products very often determines their final price, development of the company or satisfaction of customers who use our company - Next Freight. No wonder that choosing the right type of transport is very important.

Basically, two main classifications can be distinguished: uk haulage by air transport and surface transport. The former relates to the carriage of goods by air, the latter by land or sea.

It is impossible not to mention mixed transport, taking into account more than one branch. It includes such types of transport as combined transport, bimodal transport, intermodal transport and multimodal transport. An equally popular classification divides uk haulage - depending on the type of transactions handled - into domestic and international transport. UK haulage is the main specialization of our company - Next Freight.

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